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About Classics by the Sea

We provide the best in classic cars and trucks. Bring back your youth or create memories that will last a lifetime with one of our beautiful rides. You only live once. Every classic has its own personality and we want to match them to yours! You might be driven by nostalgia from your past, or maybe you have the desire to drive something that stands out from the hordes of modern cars that populate our streets and car parks, computer-driven boxes, invariably painted silver or a shade thereof. In today’s uncertain real-estate, stock market and economy in general, classic cars are a great investment. It is one of the few great investments you can enjoy on a regular basis. Classics only go up in value, insurance is a faction of a modern car and what is better to drive at the beach, mountains or just around town. If we don’t have exactly what you want in our ever changing inventory, tell us what you’re looking for and we will find it for you.

Why buy a Classic?

  • Dare to be different
  • Great Investment
  • Fun to drive
  • Low cost to drive
  • Show your personality
  • Relive your youth
  • Social benefits
  • You desire at least one!